You know those days when you look out of the window and you’re glad you don’t have to go to work?

Today was definitely one of those!

So, what have I taken to doing with my new-found freedom? What could I possibly replace the bus journeys filled with weirdos and days spent counting down the hours until home time with?

Essentially, I’ve started sorting out my bookcases.

Not actual physical bookcases. Virtual ones. Because, apparently, now that I no longer have to sit at a computer screen all day, I have decided to stare at a computer screen for some of the day and start to organise my Kindle books into shelves and collections.

Because I am a massive nerd.

As you know, I love reading. But for whatever reason it’s sort of fallen by the wayside this year. I’ve abandoned the 2016 reading challenge on Good Reads because I was so far behind that it wasn’t even funny – I blame falling asleep on the bus A LOT for that. I’m definitely getting back into it at the moment though – even going so far as to smash myself in the eye the other night as I fell asleep then jerked awake and slammed my Kindle into my eye socket.

I’ve, so far, organised about 30 “loose” books. And in doing so have discovered that I am missing one of a series which has then led to an extensive search of everything contained on my Kindle(s) and a check of my Amazon purchase history to see if I have every purchased the missing tome.

Which I haven’t.

But had I not begun the epic project of “shelving” the 250-plus loose virtual books – not to mention the hundreds of physical paper ones – that would not have come to light and I’d have been reading a book that picked up from a cliffhanger that I didn’t even know about by just assuming it was the one I was on to next.

The only downside of doing all this was that, when I started, everything I did was being shared with Facebook. Literally anything I changed on Goodreads was being displayed for all my friends to see how much of a fricking nerd I was about stuff. Oh look, they could say, he’s moved that book onto a shelf all by itself (because it’s possibly the only one I have in a series – it makes sense to me). Or they could wonder why I was suddenly adding 200 books to my “want to read” list. Like I had just walked into Waterstones and thrown huge amounts of cash around with the rule that whatever the money touched, I bought.

But, luckily, I’ve turned off the Facebook notifications now. So no-one will know about all the books and how I’m arranging them all in order and being all nerdy and…