The Unexpected Ginger

I ordered some fresh ginger on the shopping this week.

It’s just one teeny tiny component of a chicken biryani which I will be knocking out at some point in the next couple of days. Literally a teeny tiny piece. Like a small cube of it, that’s all I need. About 20g, let’s say. Not a lot at all.

When you order fresh produce via the online shop, you can request it by number of items or by weight. For example, I needed 500g of sweet potato for something else. That arrived in the form of one massive tuber. Three carrots, however, came as three carrots.¬†Because that’s what I asked for. It’s a marvelous system.

Now, when it comes to stuff like ginger it’s a bit trickier. It’s less clear, shall we say. You can still request it by item, or by weight. If you do it by weight someone will harvest you a nub of ginger to that sort of weight. If you do it by amount what usually happens is your highly trained shopper will snap off lumps of ginger root, as you would if purchasing yourself, and send those to you. The estimated price shown for the item even serves to reinforce this – one piece of ginger, you see, comes in at around 35p.

Now, you may notice that I said “usually.”

Because today that did not happen.

Today we became the proud owner of an entire ginger root. Basically, the better part of 350g of ginger, as opposed to a bit of ginger for 35p.

I actually laughed when I moved it from the delivery basket because it caught me by surprise. It’s not really what I expected to arrive. It makes no sense. I can only assume it’s been picked and packed by a new person. Maybe new staff has been hired for the Christmas period to help with the busy run up to the festive period. And maybe at least one of those new hires has never purchased ginger in their life.

And that’s how we have come to own a massive amount of ginger.

So if anyone wants any ginger, feel free to come round and harvest a piece… we have enough!