How Did I Have Time For Work?

The more time I spend at home, professionally resting, the more I wonder how I actually had time to fit in doing a job.

I don’t seem to have had any trouble filling my days, and already any plans I had for doing various video projects, YouTube stuff and streaming on Twitch have fallen by the wayside to be picked up again on the other side of the festive period.

Because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

It doesn’t make sense, really. What’s happened in essence is that the tasks which would normally have fallen to a weekend and a Wednesday have expanded to the full week. So, in theory they have become diluted. They are spread across a large amount of time. If time was a physical thing, then my new work-free weeks have a greater surface area than the time afforded to me by three days of the week.

So everything should be spread out more.

But that’s not the case.

Ignore, for a minute, the extra stuff of sorting out various Christmas things and the work Carole and me are putting in to getting things ready for my mum. There’s just the simple stuff like, say, the washing or the ironing or cooking or even just sitting around and watching TV.

There just doesn’t seem to be time to do it. I mean, there have been a couple of days when I have abandoned everything in favour of sitting around watching crap on TV and shooting virtual people. But those days have been few and far between. A lot less than I think people imagined when the whole “take a bit of time off” thing came up and certainly a lot less than I thought I’d be doing.

I had visions of ploughing through boxsets and completing video games.

But I think I’m actually working harder now than I did when I used to get a wage. The only difference being the commute is better and the uniform code is a lot more flexible.

I think I’ll be glad when Christmas gets here. At least then I’ll get a couple of days off!