To Do

It’s weird not being at work in the run up to Christmas.

This is the first time I’ve had Christmas “off” in my entire working life. And the bit I’m having the most trouble with is that it’s not Christmas yet.

I know I’ve said before that I only really know what day it is by the little labels on my happy tablet packets (assuming I take them in order), but it’s sort of true. I don’t really have much concept as to what the date is, other than it’s not Christmas yet. But that it will be soon.

Normally, around this time, I’d be at work wishing the days away until the mini-break that is Christmas, Boxing Day and any weekend that happens to be in the vicinity. And that way I’d know that I had so many days of work left which means that we’d need to go shopping for the fresher Christmas stuff on such-and-such a day. But now I’m not at work, I have no concept of when I need to be doing things. And, I think, that is breeding a feeling of contentment and happiness that I actually have a long time to sort things out.

And I don’t, really. I have a couple of days and the it’s Christmas Eve and my mum is here for the holidays to drink gin and trip over the cat in the night.

Take, for example, the Christmas cake. It dawned on me this evening that it should be decorated, so I’ve had to lay out all the bits and bobs in the kitchen lest I forget to actually crack on with it tomorrow. It’s ridiculously easy to become laid back about how much time you have and before you know it you’ve fallen asleep on the couch watching an Ealing Studios film with Benny Hill in it and now it’s much later than you thought and there’s lots to do.

Hypothetically, of course.

Still, at least a day of kitchen-based activities makes a change from painting things.

It’s decorating that I think I can actually enjoy.

Although there will probably be just about as much swearing!