Christmas Board

Last night we were, we think, hustled by my mother.

We decided, in an effort to not just turn into three people watching TV, to play a couple of boardgames. Now, mum’s boardgame prowess extends to the more traditional games – scrabble etc – and the amazing fill in the blanks chucklefest that was Winkle’s Wedding.

So we introduced her to Tsuro and Quirkle. Not quite gateway games when ir comes to starting an addiction but both are pretty easy to get on with.

The first game of Tsuro we played was teaching mum the basics. Carole won, I lost. Mum came second.

The second game mum won. She destroyed us. Completely and utterly destroyed us. And all with a “what happens if I put this here?” kind of innocence.

When it came to Quirkle she was a bit more lost. There was a lot of “So I can put this here? And this here?” all while feigning ignorance to the structure of the game.

She bloody won. Well, she tied first with Carole. I lost.

Basically, I have now reached a level of gameplay talent lower than my 69-year-old mother’s first foray into this sort of gaming.

I feel lower than when my advent calendar called me fat.

Daniel’s coming tomorrow. He knows how to play games. It’s probably the last round of the 2016 championship. I am currently, obviously, in last place.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more screwed…

… I might have to get mum to take my place.