2016 Can’t End Soon Enough

2016 is turning out to be an absolute dick.

The number of lives it seems to have claimed is phenomenal. In the bad way. I mean, if 2016 were a person we’d be branding it a serial killer and every law enforcement agency in the world would be on high alert. The general public would be advised not to approach, and celebs would be under round-the-clock surveilance.

Not content with whisking away my dad, the year has seen its way to snatch a number of heroes and inspirational people with, for many, the final straw being  Carrie Fisher.

There are four days left, this year. I suggest qw each take it upon ourselves to look into the well-being of someone we admire. For me, I know I’m flying close to the sun with the likes of Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden on my heroes list. But still, I’d love to keep 2016’s grubby mitts of them. And I suggest we form a human shield around David Attenborough…

… and yet, in this year of absolute insanity, we still have the likes of Trump and Farage happily breathing in the oxygen while visionaries and naturally charismatic people vanish from our radar.

It doesn’t seem fair, somehow.