As a couple it’s good to get things over Christmas that you can both enjoy. Maybe a present bought for the other half is a much a present for yourself. Maybe it’s a book you want to read, a board game you want to play or a video game you have an interest in. The gift of giving is the gift of sharing. It makes sense.

We’re sharing germs at the moment.

We’re not 100% sure where they came from. We have a list of suspects, sadly not on one of those big dry-wipe boards you see in cop dramas all the time. Carole is further down the germ-filled rabbit hole than I. Where I have the makings of a sore throat, Carole has a cold, sore throat, aches, pains and the constant need to say that death is coming for her. Possibly the riskiest thing you could say in 2016.

So we’re really living up the awkward gap twixt Christmas and New Year by sleeping during the day and watching TV huddled under a quilt the rest of the time. Not exactly the dynamic go-getting and winter walks we had planned.

Still, at least all this sitting about being pathetic affords us time to relax, chill, and generally take it easy.

And I’m sure Carole got a couple of books for Christmas that sound like they might be a good read…