If I Start On Jeremy Kyle, Somebody Stop Me

I’ve reached a point, this year, when I need to think about reassessing my life.


It’s only the third of January.

I found myself in a position today where I had missed Antiques Road Trip – a show that I don’t like, so much as enjoy it when it’s on. That is to say that I don’t go out of my way to watch it. I caught the back end of it yesterday, but I’ve not seen it for a while.

Except today I found myself thinking that I could watch it on iPlayer later.

What the bloody hell has happened? I’ve slipped into the being at home thing all too well. But instead of loving Homes Under The Hammer like you’re supposed to, I’ve moved all the way to what is for all intents and purposes just mobile Bargain Hunt but without the cringeworthy leg kick at the end.

I’m sure I won’t watch it on iPlayer. Not when I have so many other things I want to watch but don’t get around to.

But the fact that I even thought of it worries me. A lot.

And even now I’m wondering how Catherine Southon got on with her paltry two hundred and sixteen pounds against Charles wotnot’s four hundred and something.

Maybe I’ll just download it onto my Kindle…