It’s good to know, a week away from inauguration, that Donald Trump hasn’t changed in any way, shape or form. He’s not thought that the weight of a nation will be resting on his shoulders and maybe he should become more level headed. He’s just maintained the same level of crazy as before.

Basically, the President is pretty much going to be a crazy man who shouts at everything. Ducks. Windows. People. Nations.

The handling of the alleged intelligence documents affair has been quite entertaining to watch. For all the wrong reasons, obviously.

Firstly, a lot of it was conducted via Twitter. Because that’s how you really get a point across. One hundred and forty characters is the place to really quell any rumours that Russia might have a tape of you with a prostitute or enjoying a golden shower, as I read somewhere else. And then immediately wished I hadn’t. But if I have to know about it, and have the mental image, then so do you.

So he took to Twitter, as he is prone to do, and denied it. In capitals. The internet equivalent of shouting, or being a small child. One or the other. Or, in this case, maybe both. Trump has shown before that he will throw his toys out of the pram if anyone says anything about him. I expect he’s arranged from Meryl Streep to be forcibly removed from the US on the 21st January after her comments at the Golden Globes. He’s already described her as over-rated and probably had a whinge on Twitter as well.

And then he held a news conference – about the Russia thing, not Streep – in which he shouted at the press. And then refused to let one journalist ask a question because he peddles fake news. As opposed to coming out with statements like global warming being invented by China so that they could corner the manufacturing industry like the President Elect has done.

The thing is, there are certain things that just go together. When Jimmy Savile was revealed to be a shellsuit-wearing pervert, it wasn’t a big surprise. It was more of an “oh…” moment than a wave of shock sweeping the nation. The shock came afterwards when it was revealed how prolific he was with his perversions. But the actual nub of the matter, not an eyelid was batted.

The same can be said here. If someone said to you, “hey Russia has a sex tape of Barrack Obama being pissed on by a hooker” your first reaction would be one of incredible disbelief. You just couldn’t imagine it.

When someone says the same thing about Donald Trump, though, no amount of CAPITAL LETTERS can change my mind.