Brexit Means Brexit.

That’s been Theresa May’s catchphrase for a while now. Like Beans Means Heinz. Or No Means No.

Brexit Means Brexit means nothing, really. Because Brexit is still pretty much undefined in terms of what’s going to happen, how shafted we’ll be by things, how unshafted we’ll be by other things. And because people were up in arms about being kept in the dark about something as important as the future of the country – imagine that – Brexit needs to be announced to the general public at some point, with all the ins and outs and whatevers that come with it.

And while the people who voted for out are busy with their “see, Chicken Little, the sky hasn’t fallen” told you so finger pointing at the Remains, despite nothing actually having been done up to this point so everything is essentially the same, one thing has shone like a beacon in the night that Brexit might actually be a massively bad idea.

Donald Trump says the “UK was so smart in getting out” of the EU.

What more evidence do we need that it was a bad idea?

I think if there’s ever a rule of thumb to live by – and, of course, that thumb would be always photographed in some kind of thumbs up gesture – it’s What Would Donald Trump Do.

If you always ask yourself that question and then, when you have an answer of what he most definitely would do, do the opposite then you probably can’t go wrong.

For example, when approaching an attractive woman, What Would Donald Trump Do. Or, in this case, What Wouldn’t Donald Trump Do. If you do that one thing – say hello and pass on by – then you’ll be safe as houses. Anything else and, well, you’ve only yourself to blame.

So, now the news has broken that Donald thinks Brexit is a great idea and we were hella smart to do it – or, as it’s Trump “THE UK WAS SMART TO GET OUT OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. CLEVER!” – then I imagine the whole thing will be scrapped tomorrow…