The World Has Changed

I’m glad I’m not American.

We might have our problems over here with the uncertainty of what the fudge Brexit means (apart from Brexit), a Prime Minister who wasn’t technically elected, an opposition party with no oomph and a shortage of courgettes.

But we don’t have Trump.

The world has changed a lot since Friday.

There is a President in charge of the US who is disputing what anyone who watched the inauguration could see with their own eyes. No-one turned up. Okay, not no-one. There were some people there. But nothing anywhere close to the numbers seen at previous inaugurations. But if you ask Donald Trump, there definitely were people there. Millions of them. Most of the population of the world, in fact. Stretching all the way back to the Washington Memorial. He could have walked across them like Crocodile Dundee does in the Metro Station when he’s trying to tell wasserface that he loves her. There were that many people.

And if you say that there weren’t that many people, then you are treated to what they are calling “alternative facts”. Which is a really swanky way of saying “lie”. You can’t really have alternative facts. Facts are facts. A fact is a fact. There isn’t a fact and then an alternative to that fact. There can’t be. It makes no sense.

Especially not when that alternative fact is that instead of the inauguration crowd being three men and a squirrel that strolled past, there was everyone – alive and dead – all there watching. And then you have Trump tweeting about the TV ratings. He’s super proud that it drew the biggest TV ratings. Because that’s what’s important. Although, the fact that he tweeted it probably meant that no-one watched. But you get the gist.

And the press in the US, should their views on this differ from that of the President and his team, are basically being blanked and excluded from press conferences because they report facts instead of the official sanctioned Alternative Facts.

And this is after three days.

Three days of his reign.

And there’s been a steady stream of lies trickling out of the White House. I’m glad I’m not American. But there’s only a matter of time before the lies grow and grow and engulf the world, like the Sun will do – also a massive orange object, coincidentally – before it dies.

I’d like to think that if this keeps up Kim Jong Un is going to pop his binoculars down for a minute, turn to one of his staff that he hasn’t shot (yet) and say “Donald Trump is making me look like bloody Mother Theresa”.

The world has changed.

Not for the better.