You’ve Got To Be Insulin It To Win It

I’ve had the television on as background while I’ve been doing things today. Not exciting things, just general chores and bits and bobs, but things that meant I wasn’t necessarily in the front room to catch, say, a whole advert.

What I did catch, though, were the words “diabetes lottery”.

On an advert.

So, I assume it’s either a lottery organised by a diabetes charity, or something of that nature.

Or it’s an advert about the perils of diving into a large container filled to the brim with Smarties and eating your way out of it.

There was a man dancing on the advert, so if it is for the container of smarties then I’m not sure that his jovial actions really get across the seriousness of a sugar-based disease brought on by trying to find out if Smarties really do have the answer. The answer, in this case, being to the question “do I have diabetes?”.

It’s hard to know, though, because the Postcode Lottery is definitely a lottery involving you having a postcode. So by the same token, the Diabetes Lottery could revolve entirely around your blood sugar level matching numbers drawn from an amusingly named machine.

“We’re using set of balls number 3, and the machine tonight is Glucose”.
“Ah – number 10, we last saw this number three weeks ago after eating a Snickers…”