Carole’s not a happy bunny today.

Peppa has become “my cat” this afternoon. Which means, in layman’s terms, that she’s done something that she shouldn’t have done.

My first thought, I’ll be honest, was that she’d done something in the back bedroom. Because even I, a champion of “aww she’s just a cat” defence, couldn’t hope to hold back the wrath of Carole when faced with claw marks in the wallpaper. I took a massive chunk out of the paper a day or two after we’d finished it up and I was genuinely scared about what would happen. So I couldn’t hope to defend Peppa.

But, luckily, she’d not done anything in there. A bullet had been dodged.

What she had done, instead, was add a new pattern to the duvet on our bed. Where once it was a lovely green colour with subtle white spots, it is now a lovely green colour with subtle white spots and a trail of muddy paw prints across the centre of it. And, it turns out, across anything in the path.

A bit like those “you only had one job” pictures of yellow lines painted along the side of roads that go over dog poo or whatever. But with cat paws across duvets, technological equipment, magazines, papers left out… you name it, it has been branded with the paw print seal of approval.

And while it’s annoying because it’s all over the duvet, the bed is due for a change in the next couple of days anyway so it’s not the end of the world. And, as someone who’s woken up to find muddy paw prints across his body, just having them on the duvet is fine  by me!

I love my cat.