The world is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket.

I think that setting the Doomsday clock to only 2 and a half minutes to the midnight of total annihilation is probably overly generous. Climate change denying, a ban on muslims and who knows what else to come isn’t the greatest start to 2017.

And we all thought that 2016 was pretty shit…

And as if all that’s not bad enough, from Wednesday, I won’t be able to watch episodes of Fast and Loud, Wheeler Dealers or randomly old Overhaulin’ because Sky has told Discovery to do one over a dispute around the amount of money paid for the channels. Where am I supposed to get my “not at all interested in it, but it’s strangely addictive” fix for car restoration/betterment shows now, if I can’t flick to the 520s on Sky and guarantee I’ll find one. If it’s not a show about weird people in Alaska?

Exactly. Nowhere.

Well, maybe on Quest or Pick or whatever it’s called. But who knows where that channel is located.

This is probably the biggest blow to my professional resting career so far.

I suppose it does mean that I will be more inclined to travel my way towards History and H2, where I will find all the alien shows I could possibly want – all of them entirely grounded and not at all sensationalised – but it’s still not people with eccentric hair tinkering with cars.

I don’t even like cars.