Cosy An Ouef

We went over to mum’s today, to see how she’s doing and to work through the list of jobs and other assorted things that she has collected over the past couple of weeks including, but not limited to, checking she had changed a lightbulb correctly (she had) and talking her through how to change the battery in the smoke alarm because it’s probably due to start beeping any time now.

And you all know you’re thinking of that episode of Friends when Phoebe is stuck with the beeping alarm.

Or the episode of Modern Family where the Dunphys are plagued by the beeps.

But it wouldn’t be funny if it happened to mum because I would have to go and sort it out.

But not now, because I am an excellent teacher. Open the cover, take out the battery, put in a new one, close the cover.


During the course of the visit it because apparent that mum has kept, for some reason, the place mats that me and my sister used to use as a child. Well, mainly my sister’s place mats but there’s one of mine in there as well, complete with old gravy stains. I am 39, my sister is 35. These things should not have been kept.

Something which also applies to the Smash Hits stencil set I found in the garage, dating back to a time when Take That and East 17 rode high in the charts. Oh, and Smash Hits existed.

But, returning to the mats, kept they have been. In a plastic bag. Neatly positioned at the bottom of a drawer.

Alongside some egg cosies, four of which were definitely from the late 60s or early 70s judging by the design. And one that was a red knitted dog.

Still, at least now we don’t have to worry about my mum hoarding that one.

Because we’re now the proud owners of the small knitted red dog egg cosy. So we can keep precisely one egg warm, should we wish to.