It’s Time To Play The Music

In 1938, a confused populous heard the radio broadcast of H G Wells’ War Of The Worlds and believed, for whatever reason, that it was real.

More recently, there is a fair-to-middling chance that the leader of the free world and ratings winner, Donald J Trump (the J is for jackass) has seen something on TV which he believes happened right there and then in Sweden.

There are two possibilities.

One is that he saw a documentary on Fox News which featured a historic act of terrorism – or something of that nature – in Sweden and thought that it was an account of something which was happening right there and then. Which he then referred to during one of his appearances. While speaking out about all that fake news that’s going about these days. Like DJT’s claim that his was the highest electoral college results since Reagan (whatever the fudge that means) or that people turned up to his inauguration.

The second possibility is that he saw a chef being bested by a variety of seemingly sentient vegetables and the odd chicken, while speaking what appeared to be some sort of gibberish Scandinavian-esque language, maniacally waving a cleaver about.