Smashing Erection

Our street is a mix of council and non-council houses.

You can tell which houses are the council houses because they currently have scaffolding all over them as cavity wall insulation is being provided to these properties.

You can tell which are the non-council houses because the people putting the scaffolding up have snapped their washing lines and smashed their plant pots.

Oh, wait, that’s just our house.

There are a number of things that baffle us with this whole arrangement. For starters, during on of the many “free insulation” schemes a person came and assessed the row of houses in which we live and deemed them unsuitable for cavity wall insulation because of some reason to do with bricks that would leave cold spots and damp. So that will be exciting for next door. Although we are hoping that the construction of these houses is such that any material pumped into a neighbour’s wall will flow through into the adjoining houses. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we all shared a cavity.

The next thing is how the bloody hell they have managed to snap two washing lines – with metal cores. I mean, that takes some doing. But snapped they most definitely are, and just lying limp in the garden. The bird feeder is now on the floor, so should any flightless birds pass through the garden they’ll be well away on the food stakes. There was a very loud crash while the scaffolding was being erected, which is what lead to the death of one of the flower pots, but I wonder if that also contributed to the death of the washing lines.

The man from the scaffolding place was quite apologetic. He offered to replace the pot and he didn’t really know what to do about the washing line. We’ve let him off both things because we’re just bloody amazing really. And because we want to see what stuff they smash when they remove the scaffolding once the insulation stuff is done. When I get wind that they’re coming, I’m going to start leaving more expensive stuff on the patio. You know, Ming vases, Faberge eggs, that sort of thing.

Oh, and the boiler’s died. And it’s freezing. I’m not sure we can pin that one on the scaffolding folks, but I’m willing to give it a go…