You Who Tattoo

Last week mum came over for tea and, in the course of her visit, mentioned that she’d tried to watch Tattoo Fixers but had received a phone call from her friend just after it started and so she’d missed the whole show.

I know.

For starters, let’s just digest the fact that my mum watches Tattoo Fixers. It’s a new thing she’s started since my dad died, but she bloody loves it. Watches it all the time. Unless someone phones her. And then she can’t.

And she can’t watch it on her catch up device yet because unlike all the others, Channel 4 insists that you create an account online first – something which we have not yet done for her. So, being the kind and loving son that I am, I downloaded it here for her to watch. Without needing to have registered before hand. Channel 4 is a fickle beast.

And watch it she did.

As did I.

As did Carole.

Needless to say, Tattoo Fixers has now become a thing that we watch.

I’m sure that E4 is happy for the increase in viewers, especially when you think that we were brought in by someone who is so far out of the age demographic for the channel that such a circumstance shouldn’t even exist. And it’s also the only show I’ve seen on E4 that isn’t yet another episode of Big Bang Theory.

Oh, apart from an episode of Coach Trip to Marbs (ffs) that mum was watching when I was over there the other week.

You do start to wonder if, somehow, she ended up on E4 by accident and has just grown to love the shows. Like a sort of televisual Stockholm Syndrome or something. And now just can’t give up on watching a show in which people have had cocks tattooed on themselves several years ago and would now like them covering up in some way.

Or that guy on the one mum watched here who had “busy cunt” tattooed on his groin.

I have never felt more awkward than in that moment.

And then mum started telling Carole about the people she’s seen on other shows with tattoos on their penises… and suddenly busy cunt didn’t seem so bad…