Man Looking

It’s funny that we can find hidden clues, codes and conundrums in an Escape Room, but when it comes to real life, things are not as simple, somehow.

What I’m trying to say is that I spent nearly an hour looking for the roll of bin bags.

And they were in the drawer where the bin bags usually are. Just under something.

I accused Carole of taking them upstairs yesterday, and never bringing them back – things that go upstairs rarely return downstairs, but when they do it’s en mass in a basket. Like a Schindler’s List of things that shouldn’t be there. She claimed she didn’t take them. I still looked everywhere anyway, because what’s a relationship without trust? I thought I was more likely to stumble on to a secret hiding place for Freddos, since I caught her smuggling one upstairs yesterday. Carole, it appears, is a secret Freddo eater.

So they weren’t upstairs.

So then I had to go through the routine of looking in all the cupboards. Even though they have never, ever, ever been in a cupboard. There’s always a chance, though, like that day you put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge or – real life situation – a spoon in the bin and the yogurt pot in the sink for washing up.

So it was possible.

So I looked in all the cupboards. They weren’t there.

After nearly an hour I went back to the drawer they should be in. The drawer they were in. I moved one of those wheat bag things. Boom. Bin bags.

I’d have got away with it all had I not text Carole asking her what she’d done with them. Because she obviously asked where they were, having seen that I had found them.

It’s my own fault. Because I put the wheat bag in that drawer. It doesn’t belong in that drawer. Probably for this very reason. It is perfectly shaped to hide a roll of bin bags beneath its red velvety exterior.

So when Carole asked where I’d found them I had to mutter, very quietly so as not to admit to my inital bout of man looking (followed by an intensive stint of pointless proper looking), that they were exactly where they should have been.

I hope she doesn’t read this.