There’s really nothing better on a cold, wet, Wednesday than being in the house.

Except when the van pumping the cavity wall insulation into houses further down the street is parked directly outside.

With the generator/pump combo running.

For four hours without a break.

Luckily, despite having having had portacabins brought to site, the guys doing the work (in between destroying gardens, cracking plasterwork etc) don’t hang around that much. A full day amounts to about, ooo, four hours of generator/pump time.

If you’re lucky.

Sometimes a full day amounts to someone opening the portacabin window flap for a bit, then closing it and leaving.

But still on generator days, when it’s not even outside the house being sorted – probably because it’s so annoying – it does tend to grate more than a little bit.

For four hours.

I don’t know if I mentioned that bit or not.