Whose Line Is It Anyway

I took advantage of the sunny weather, and the fact that the path no longer looked like a boating lake, to restring the washing line. This choice may or may not have been determined by the fact that I had a duvet cover and a sheet which needed to be hung somewhere and nowhere to really put them. But also because it just needed doing.

So out I went.

It was mid-morning. I was on a break from bread making, so I had twenty minutes or so to kill while my dough became less sticky. Let’s say, for arguments sake, it was about half past ten. Mainly because that’s what time it was.

I tied one end of the massive roll of washing line(TM) – something we must have acquired from dad because, up until I finished with it, it was beautifully rolled up and because it was far more than we could possibly need – to the hook by the kitchen window and was halfway down the garden when next door popped out.

In her dressing gown.

I’m not comfortable talking to my neighbours at the best of times. But when they are barely dressed, I’m even worse. This may stem from the time I saw far, far too much of one of the neighbours as she ate her breakfast outside in just a dressing gown. Or it might just be to do with the fact that I was brought up to not be in a dressing gown outside – especially at half past ten in the morning. Either way, I was a little perturbed.

“I’ve bought you a washing line, you know?” she says.
“Oh,” I said. Because I didn’t know. “You didn’t have to do that,” (because she didn’t) “we already had one.”
“The one I bought has wire in the middle…”
“This one has wire in the middle. The old one had wire in the middle, so I don’t know how they managed to snap it all..”
“Well, the one I’ve bought for you is grey, do you want to use it anyway? It won’t show the discoloration…”
“Ummm… no no, it’s fine. But thank you.”

Not to mention the fact that I have already tied this one onto the house! Also, while we’re at it, what discoloration? Are you now saying that any mucky marks on our white washing line offend you? Am I likely to find you in the garden polishing the line?

Obviously I didn’t say the bit in italics. I mean, I did when I got inside and there was just me, a cat and some bread dough.