Mail Chauvinist

The whole internet is up in arms about the Daily Mail today, with its picture of Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon and its charming headline about forgetting Brexit and who wins at Legs-It.

The Daily Mail, in typical grown-up response, has hit back at any nay-sayers by telling them to get a life.

That’s the Daily Mail telling people to get a life.

The Daily Mail.

I’m not surprised by the Mail in the slightest.

It only takes a casual glance at the website and their sidebar of shame to know that, essentially, underneath all that righteous indignation and standing up for decent moral values, it’s basically a newspaper for perverts. Not the outright “phwoar, look at that” kind that might have enjoyed a Page 3 girl or two, but the more subtle ones who quite like looking at young women who are “blossoming”, for example. Which, as we all know, is Daily Mail speak for “she’s underage but look at the tits on that.”

The website is, of course, worse than the paper.

But that’s only because the paper wouldn’t be able to pack in as much homophobic and racist bigotry if it had to run picture-filled articles of, say, Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist in a coat between scenes on the show (an actual story on the actual website).

The paper also defended its actions with regards to what no-one so far has referred to as Leg-gate by saying they would treat male politicians exactly the same. Trouser-wearing male politicians, the paper claims, could be treated to the same sort of headline.

Because, steady now, who doesn’t like a crisp trouser crease, eh?