What’s That Coming Over The Hill…

I’d forgotten what an absolute joy Finding Bigfoot is to watch.

Not for any of the in depth scientific analysis that goes on. Mainly because, aside from some night vision cameras, there is nothing. But because of the amount of things that they come out with that is just… well, they’re hearing hoofbeats and thinking unicorns, let alone zebras.

Over the past couple of days, I have seen them fail to discover Bigfoot on a number of occasions. But I have also learned so much.

For example, Bigfoot has a very distinctive call. It’s sort of like a howl. It’s so distinctive that two of the members of the Finding Bigfoot team can do it. And every single time they do, it’s entirely different. They stand on mountains, in the dark, and yell in the hopes that a Bigfoot will answer. They have to let each other know – as they’re usually split up at this point – when they’re going to howl, of course, because it’s just so damn realistic you’d immediately think you’re about to be eaten by a ‘Squatch.

Then there are the things that Bigfoot is known – actually known – for doing. These include looking in the window of parked cars and running their hand along the side of tents. They are widely known for doing these things. Apparently. If you are camping in Squatch territory with you car parked near by, the Bigfoot can often be found in a dither trying to decide what to do first – the window looking or the tent brushing.

But my favourite moments came when on of the team came across several things which could have been evidence of everyone’s favourite cryptid. First up was a small structure built from sticks which was “clearly human built” but totally something a Sasquatch could use. I mean, obviously. That is the first leap of logic I would make.

Then later a large patch of flattened grass was found. It was sniffed, as though that would reveal the identity of whatever had made it. It smelled, unsurprisingly, grassy. But the conclusion was that it was either made by a mountain lion or Bigfoot. Now… I have an open mind. It is. I love the thought of stuff like this existing. But if I had to choose what made a flattened piece of grass and my two choices were an actual real mountain lion and an as yet unverified creature of dubious existence…

Needless to say they were more or less convinced it was the Sasquatch.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…