The Truth Is Out There


I have a theory that Sky send a signal to your Sky Box -if it’s not the latest, most up-to-date, new-fangled model – which causes it to crash. Which means you have to do all the pulling out of the plug and then sit for ages while it all reinitialises, during which time you’re supposed to sit there and think “I should probably ring up and complain about this…. maybe get a new box or something…”

And then you phone Sky and they put you on hold for a moment and laugh maniacally because you’ve fallen for their scheme.

I’m only saying this because our Sky box crashes quite frequently. But it’s crashed a couple of times this week, and we’ve had a sales call from Sky a couple of times as well. And because back in the old days, we had Sky Broadband on the lowest package and they turned off the WiFi – which had been working when we first got it.

I thought that maybe the router had conked out with regards to the Wireless Fireless, but then I started to think that maybe Sky had switched it off. Just one of those crazy conspiracy theories which will find me, in future years, wearing a tin foil hat and shaking a stick at the sky.

I mean, it sounds odd and totally implausable, but when we upgraded to a better broadband package, the WiFi mysteriously started working again.

Almost as if…

Basically, if this was Ancient Aliens or Finding Bigfoot no further proof would be needed. This would be a proven thing.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s some sort of signal sent out which frazzles your Sky Box for a little bit. Nothing permanent – at least not yet. Maybe they’re building up to that. But just annoying enough to make you think that instead of losing five minutes or so to the restart procedures, it might just be easier to sign up for Sky Q, say, at some exorbitant cost for the pleasure of being able to download something from your planner to your phone.

And you phone them up, and they laugh maniacally.

When Sky called tonight, I told them to try again next week.

Let’s see what happens…