Go Go Power Rangers

It’s a little-known fact that upon completion of my A-Levels I did what any self-respecting eighteen-year-old boy would do in that situation.

I went to the cinema to watch Power Rangers.

I mean, it was terrible. But it was also fun, but in a really terrible way. I mean, it’s not a great cinematic classic. But if you ever hear me say that it’s time to boogie with the bear, then you can now nod sagely and know that it’s from that very movie.

So, just over twenty years later it’s time for another Power Rangers movie. A reboot, a reimagining. A new beginning.

And, you know what, I really enjoyed it. I mean, the Rangers and the Zords are totally unrecognisable when compared to the old ones because they’re all detailed and computer-generated instead of being one-piece costumes and plastic. I had to look up what the black Zord was because I couldn’t remember and couldn’t tell from the new movie.

So the new movie is cheesy, yes. But it’s the right amount of cheese.

You know, five misfits who find each other through the power of the Ranger coins, the morphing grid and the exposure of their secrets. None of them hold the power coins out and shout the name of their dinosaur though. I mean what the hell, guys? How else are you supposed to remember Mastodon. Exactly, my friends. Exactly.

The Angel Grove of modern times is very different to the Angel Grove of ye olde times. There’s no Bulk and Skull for starters. And what is Power Rangers without some over-the-top Chuckle Brothers-esque slapstick from those two? Maybe they’ll pop up in a sequel or something.

So, yes, I enjoyed it a lot. But then, I enjoyed the one twenty years ago, and that was terrible.