Bed Intentions

One of the things we’re looking forward to this weekend is a nice lie in tomorrow morning.

I mean, I say we. Primarily it’s Carole. I can lie in whenever I want at the moment. Although when it does happen, it’s never actually been intentional. I’ve just woken up when the clock is in double digits and thought, “Well, that’s gone wrong…”

So Carole is looking forward to a lie in. As a rule, she wakes up about four o’clock in the morning and then can’t get back to sleep. So even going into this project, she’s on the back foot. And when she has to contend with a cat who will stick her paws in your face for no discernible reason, and a boyfriend who snores like… well, it’s amazing, I think that’s all you need to know, then you are pretty much assured that a lie in won’t happen. Probably.

I, last night, managed to sleep for about two hours or so before I was thrust into wide-awakedness for the following two hours until slumber came for me again.  I’m not even aiming for a lie in. I’d just like to make it from now until morning without seeing anymore darkness. I’ll settle for waking up after the sun has risen. That’ll do me. Anything’s a bonus. But I have just polished off about a litre and a half of water. So that plan’s probably out of the window.

Plus there’s the excitement of a new milk round in the morning. So we’ll be woken by clinking bottles and the like at stupid o’clock as we indulge in supporting local farmers and having bottles of MEM delivered. That’s what I’m calling it. MEM. Massively Expensive Milk.

Ah, happy days.