Easter Jobs

We learned some valuable lessons today as we toiled at mum’s trying to make things right.

For example, the decking path at the back of the house is not all the same width. Even though it looks entirely the same width. It’s not. Two pieces of decking seperated by one board can be different lengths annoying the chuff out of anyone who has to walk to and from the saw multiple times.

Or the fact that Carole absorbed so much water while pressure washing the decking that her disgarded jeans dripped a puddle on the laminate floor. She went through two pairs of trainers, three pairs of socks and two pairs of jeans in a bid to stop people slipping on the decking.

Or the fact that despite knowing that there must be packets of nails all over the garage, you can’t find a single one. Forcing you, instead, to use some panel pins which will do the job until you do find the nails. Panel pins which are part of the legacy left to me and my sister by dad. There’s ten less now. I feel bad for squandering our inheritance like that but needs must.

Oh and not forgetting that there are two different types of decking board in the garage and only one of those has been used in the decking. The other is not as wide but is in greater abundance, fooling you every time you cut a piece for a repair job.

I wish I’d known that last one while dad was around. Then I’d have asked why he used the good stuff to build “things” with and left us with all the rogue stuff…

Curses have been muttered.