I’m Only Happy With No Rains

In an efficient use of time and energy I’m off to mum’s tomorrow to spend the day doing things before going to the hospital in the evening to visit. It’s all part of Operation Poorly Maintain Two Houses where now the weather’s semi-decent I can split myself between our house and mum’s getting shit done.

For the most part, getting shit done at mum’s mainly consists of putting things in piles. Or buckets. Or baskets. Occassionally bags. But you get the idea.

But then there are fun jobs. Jobs that put you at the end of a jet washer. And tomorrow there’s no-one around to tell me I’m using it too much or getting things too wet.

And when you’ve a choice between piles of things for recycling or using high pressure water to get muck off of things it’s fairly obvious what you’re going to plump for. All in the name of making things better for mum, naturally.

I mean she might only have vision on her right side, but even she’ll be able to appreciate shiny cladding, gleaming bird feeders and a pristine polytunnel greenhouse thing.

I just hope it’s not raining tomorrow. If it rains then it’s piles if things for me…