Lashing Out

Yesterday, as I journeyed through the sprawling metropolis of Halifax I noticed a shop. It used to sell shoes, but now it’s some sort of beauty parlour that offers a variety of this to enhance the female form.

Including semi-permanent eyelashes.

Don’t you already have semi-permanent eyelashes.

Aren’t they, by their very nature, semi-permanent anyway?

But instead, for some reason, you can choose to pay £25 – I’m not sure if that’s one or two eyes – to have some other eyelashes put in which won’t stay there, much like your own ones. I assume you can’t pull them out like you can with your real ones, or that they don’t work their way loose and slide into your eyes when you least expect it causing untold discomfort and misery.

It’s bizarre.

It baffles me no end.

I also can’t get my head around the wording.

What’s the difference between temporary and semi-permanent? I imagine some of it is the cost. But other than that, surely they’re essentially the same. Aren’t they? Anything temporary is only semi-permanent.

Maybe it’s just a girl thing. One of the many, many things that menfolk will never understand, no matter how many times it is explained to us.