Broken Sparrow

By broken I mean dead. But then I couldn’t think of a corny pun title. And broken does mean not working, and what’s more non-working than dead.


So, ahem, Broken Sparrow.

I’ve had a semi productive day today, with some quality time spent out of my comfort zone in the garden. I’ve pulled up weeds that might not be weeds, but if they are a bonefide proper garden plant they have self seeded EVERYWHERE.

I’ve planted sweet peas. Like actually transplanted plants from one pot to another. I don’t do things like that. I’m digging and structures. Carole has a City and Guilds (or somesuch) in gardening – that’s entirely her domain.

I’ve done my best to ignore, and not cringe awkwardly, as a neighbour up the street had a full meltdown at her child because the kid sat in her garden chair.

Oh and I’ve scooped a sparrow from the almost dead centre (no pun intended) if next door’s immaculate lawn.

I don’t know if it was Peppa’s work, or that of another cat. I can provide an alibi for Peppa for most of the day. It may have been natural causes. Or something more sinister.

But whatever it was, there lay the sparrow. On its back with its legs in the air. It didn’t have crosses for eyes, sadly, but otherwise it was stereotypically dead.

The trick with the retrieval was to not draw too much attention to it. Not everyone enjoys finding dead things. Not that I enjoy it… okay, that came out badly but you know what I mean.

Rather than pop round into next door’s garden, I decided to roll it across the lawn under the gentle persuading power of a hoe.

As I was doing this, Peppa showed up. I had a moment of dread during which I thought Peppa was going to think that me rolling a sparrow across a lawn was a new game and things would end in a shower of feathers.

But she didn’t seem to care. Maybe she’d already had her sparrow-based fun. Fun which did not work out well for the sparrow. But if it was Peppa, what the hell is she doing leaving it like a sacrifice on next door’s lawn? I thought we had something, me and Peppa.

But I’m not even worthy if a sparrow carcass…

… unless I collect it myself.