The Post-Stroke Diaries – Day 6: Hard To Refuse

You know, it’s not wonder my mum had a stroke when you look at some of things that she has to contend with. Nosey neighbours, keeping an eye on my grandma’s wellbeing – albeit at a distance – and the recycling.

Yeah, the recycling.

You wouldn’t think it would be a problem.

But Calderdale’s recycling scheme is complicated.

In Huddersfield we just chuck everything in a green bin. I assume it’s sorted out by some specially trained refuse operatives at the other end, because everything just goes in the same bit of the truck. In fact, to the untrained eye, the truck that comes round for the recycling in Huddersfield resembles a normal bin lorry. And, if you were extremely cynical, you could imagine that all you hard gathered recycling is just compacted into a block of card, plastic and metal and deposited in a landfill somewhere.

But I’m sure that doesn’t happen.

In Halifax, meanwhile, you have to split everything down into about 50 different categories depending on what you want to get rid of. And then each of those categories goes into a different bag or box. Or, if you’re lucky, both.

Food waste, for example, goes in the brown box. But it can go inside a green bag in the brown box. Not the same green bag as the paper and thin card, mind. This is a special green bag that degrades as soon as you look at it. So the paper and card is in a green bag. But not thick card. That has to go in a box, or under a box depending on how well you can fold it. The box the thick card goes into or under, depending on folds, can also house glass. And, if you really want to push the boat out, small electrical items. But these, obviously have to be in a bag. But in the box. Plastic and tins can go together in another bag which says you can’t put in bottle lids. But you can.

And then you can also get rid of textiles if you put them in a bag, but not in a box.

I mean, jeez.

I was outside for ages this morning sorting all that crap out. Trying to work out where the cut off point between recyclable plastic and rigid plastic actually was. Recyclable plastic is things like milk cartons and meat trays, rigid plastic has plant pots as an example. But I have come across plant pots less rigid that a tray you’d get chicken breasts in.

See what I mean?

It’s this kind of thing that drives someone to pop a blood vessel…