The Play That Goes Wrong

It’s pretty much widely acknowledged that the best thing on television last Christmas was the masterful Peter Pan Goes Wrong.

So it’s no surprise that having seen that and belly-laughed through the entire thing, one would investigate the people behind it. And find that they do other plays – one about a bank robbery, and the other a delightful murder-mystery.

And so it was that we booked tickets to see The Play That Goes Wrong.

And it did. In oh so many marvelously wonderful ways.

From the pre-show audience interaction in which members of the stage crew are frantically searching for a missing dog to the end of the show when they really do bring the house down it’s a playful ballet of superbly choreographed moves covering every mishap that could befall a stage play.

The murder-mystery thing doesn’t even matter. It’s just the medium that the good stuff is carried along in. Like when you mash up a tablet in a spoonful of jam. Plus it’s hard to concentrate on the whodunnit when the leading lady is popping up in her underwear…

Each of the cast plays a character playing a character, from the pompous director of the theatre troupe to the stage manager who gets her fifteen minutes of fame and loves it, each one brings something to the nonsense.

And the poor murder victim suffers far more than a corpse probably should, having to… no, you should really see for yourself.

I’d see it again in a heartbeat. Because it’s brilliant.

Absolutely bloody brilliant.