Tablet Or Not Tablet

Today was supposed to be a simple day – I’d go to mum’s, do a few bits and bobs for her, and then come home once her next set of tablets was delivered.

The tablets that I stood in the chemist and discussed, at great length, a week or so ago. The tablets I arranged to be delivered before the other ones ran out so, you know, my mum wouldn’t die or anything.

So they didn’t come.

And speaking to the chemist they’d not even been requested. Or maybe they had and the doctor hadn’t signed them off. But then the doctor’s receptionist said they hadn’t been requested.

So who knows.

Mum’s tablets run out tomorrow morning. She needs more from tomorrow night onwards. To say it’s cutting it fine is something of an understatement…

The best part of the whole thing, the bit I enjoyed the absolute most, was when the doctor’s receptionist said “well, we’re closing now so we’ll look at it in the morning…” because you really don’t want anyone’s health and well-being to get in the way of home time. I mean it’s not like it was an urgent request or anything…

But hey, you live and learn. With the benefit of hindsight there are so many things I’d have done differently. I’d have stuck to my guns about having them delivered earlier to avoid this 12 hour deadline scenario. I’d have made sure I rang the pharmacy earlier in the week. I’d have done all sorts of things.

None of which I, or my mum for that matter, should have to do, mind. But that’s the beauty of hospital release – you’re packed off with a set of tablets and a piece of paper that says the tablets will then be provided by your nominated pharmacy. No further guidance is given.

So you do the best you can, in the circumstances.

And then it goes tits up.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…