Match Up

Something footbally happened today and Huddersfield Town have been promoted to the Premiership or somesuch. I don’t pretend to understand, or care about, it in the slightest.

Which sets me aside from EVERY single other person who lives here.

People you have never known to even show a passing interest in football are no over-joyed at the news. Some of them even have shirts and scarves which, prior to this weekend, they probably didn’t have.

Suddenly, though, everyone is an expert. Everyone knows all that could possibly be known.

And then comes the best part – everyone is wishing each other well done and offering thanks for those wishes. Because they’ve really put in the effort to secure this victory and/or promotion in that sport that they watched.

I’ve seen people saying, on various social medias, that it’s been a tough day or a hard match. You’re just watching a game, that’s all it is. You’re not competing. There’s nothing tough about watching.

I realise there’s a chance, as you sit there in your shirt, that you might be called upon to actually play for your team. And I guess that kind of wait-and-see game can be tense.

Otherwise you’re just watching a sport on TV, or live. Undoubtedly, when you discuss it further, one in shich “we” did well, again implying a higher level of participation than is actually true.

Otherwise the inevitable celebratory bus ride would be a convoy of vehicles to fit everyone on and there’d be no-one left on the pavements to wave and cheer and take blurry selfies with what be an open-topped bus in the background.