A Rogue By Any Other Name…

You’ve got to admire, sometimes, the levels to which those Microsoft scammers will go.

I mean, the fact that they try to perpetuate the myth that Microsoft monitors everyone’s computer, knows when it is running slow AND then has their telephone number – but, curiously, not name – to hand is one thing.

But the fact that it’s clearly a call centre in a foreign country – or at the very least staffed by people of a different race – makes it all the more fun.


Because of the name thing.

I’d like to think that when you get a job as a professional scam artist telephone operator, one of the things they do while setting you up is run the random name generator. I don’t know if it’s a list of names, a computer program or – my personal favourite – a large spinning wheel, but whatever it is it is a stroke of genius.

I know that some people do choose Westernised names to make things easier for them to integrate with us. Because reasons. Mainly due to, probably, the inability of most people to pronounce a name properly. But these people can tell you their Westernised name with confidence. And it sounds right.

With the scammers, not do much.

A case in point, yesterday I had a phone call. It didn’t last very long.

“Hello. Hello, my name is Alvin Thomas and I am calling from Microso…”