Watching The Bae

We’ve been to see the Baywatch movie today.

Very, very entertaining and self-referential. And, one suspects, there’s a huge collection of B-roll footags featuring The Rock’s boy band names for Zac Efron.

Speaking of Zac Efron… It’s long been understood that he holds a certain attraction for Carole. She can empathise with Seth Rogen who appreciated Efron’s body so much during the filming of the first Bad Neighbours he would tell him to take his top off even if he wasn’t in the scene.

It’s fair to say that Baywatch shows him with an even buffer body. Abs you could bounce a penny off. That sort of thing.

When we go to the cinema we generally slouch in the seats (when we are slumming it and not enjoying the reclining seats of the Showcase).

We both started to the film in our slouchy positions.

And then came the point, reasonably early in the film, where Efron’s character is trying to prove himself to The Rock. He’s on an obstacle course in the style of Ninja Warrior.


It was at this point that Carole abandoned all slouching. It’s not uncommon – though it is soul destroying – for her to make an almost primal noise of animal appreciation for certain manly forms – Chris Hensworth’s Thor and Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett to name a couple – but this is the first time I have ever seen her sit bolt upright in her seat and pay attention like there were going to be quiz questions afterwards.

What’s he got that I haven’t?

Wait, don’t answer that.