Shedding Stuff

We’ve taken the bull by the horns today and, in the sweltering heat, sorted tge shed out.

It’s still a wood-based death trap, but now it’s a lot neater and has ninety eight percent less crap in it.

Part of the problem with the shed came from our fascination with keeping stuff because it might come in handy. Some may call it hoarding. We would call in being practically minded. And by we I, of course, mean me.

But as we sorted stuff out it became clear that we didn’t know what we had and, in many cases, even if we did know we’d prefer to use newly purchased things rather than stuff that had been in the shed for ages and was 10% heavier because of all the spider carcasses.



Honestly if I never see another desicated spider body it will be too soon.

The other problem with the shed is that if the shed fairies. They are a very specific breed of magical creature who take the gifts you leave them, in the shed, and dispose of them in the local council waste disposal facility.

Such is the charm of these magical Fae folk, that they can become overwhelmed by the amount of gifting which takes place. This then leads to them having some sort of meltdown, causing them to lose their powers and therefore not take any of the shit to the tip.

We rely on the magic of these fairies a lot. An awful lot. Too much. Because the above happens and you end up with a Dyson with a burnt out motor and beojen drive belts in your shed for three years.

For example.