Taste The Rainbow

There are many things you can grow to regret quite quickly.

One of my biggest regrets is anything that results in a child – a related or associated child, not just a random off the street one – saying “again!”

Because that is how you end up in a situation where they run at you like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and you have to lift them up.

Over and over and over again.

Or when you say things like “would you like to see over the fence” and lift them up, only for them to need to see over the fence another five or six times.

Things they don’t ask you to do again and again are squash their plastic skittles set when your planned hilarity goes askew and instead of kicking the skittle over you knock it and then squash it flat.

Which was still hilarious, obviously.

And shows that the shocked hands over your mouth expression is not something that is learnt. It’s just there, in our DNA, even as a child who should have no use for that kind of reaction.

Unless they know a clumsy uncle who might accidentally flatten a plastic skittle.

You know, hypothetically.