I watched, for the first time in forever, a bit of anime this afternoon. It was merely acting as a backdrop to the thrilling batch of ironing I was doing, but I figured I could both watch and not watch in equal measures – I wouldn’t miss anything salient, say, while tackling a tricky crease.

The last time I watched any anime was when I was in school. I think it was Guyver, or something, that I watched and enjoyed but didn’t enjoy. But, seemingly, in the intervening years I’d forgotten one of the components of the genre.

The need to shoe-horn some sort of animated nudity into the proceedings. I remember the stuff of old having demonic breasts and penises with mouths. Just, you know, because.

And the one I watched today just – for no reason – introduced a multitude of naked women (formerly an ugly-ass demon man thing) who then formed a larger naked woman made out of the multitude of naked women. And ate someone in the process.

I just don’t understand what the need was.

The same result could have been achieved with any number of things which weren’t naked ladies. It just came out of left-field with no context, explanation or reasoning. It was as if the people making it had thought, “we’ve gone nearly an hour-or-so now, probably time for the tits…”

And then had a chat about the absolute best way to get as many as possible on screen. Possibly because one of the animators was really, really good at boobs.

And then it was over as quickly as it began, with no explanation as to what the frick had gone on and the naked ladies squashed to goo by a special flattening gun, or something.

And all the demons after that, as before, were just normal demony demons.

It was weird.

Maybe it’ll be another twenty-odd years before I dip my toe in those waters again…