Mum In Charge

My mum isn’t particularly technically minded. She never has been, even when she had full possession of her faculties – i.e. Fully working eyes.

She has a digital camera which someone has, in the past, told her is point and shoot. Which it is. I mean, you have to point at what it is you want to take the picture of, but mum doesn’t let a technicality like that get in the way of a photo. Of, say, a fence. Rather than what is on the side of said fence.

On a recent visit, I put her camera battery on to charge. Before I left, however, I did not take it off charge or put it back in the camera. Mum phoned about it and then shouted at me for saying she knew how to put it back in the camera.

We spoke about it today and I asked if she’d managed it – she was going to spend some quality time with the instructions (mum’s answer to everything even though she still struggles to read them). But she still hadn’t managed.

“All you do is slide the battery into the camera, it only fits one way and will lock in place when it’s right…” I said. “You must have had it the wrong way round…” She let me carry on like this for a while before she said:

“No, how do I get it out of the charger…”

At which point my heart sank at a) how technically inept my mother is and b) the thought of a hugely overcharged and thus ruined battery that would need replacing.

“I unplugged it the day you put it on to charge,” she assured me. “It’s just everything after that…”

Oh boy…