Pets Not At Home

We took Peppa to the V… E… T today for her booster jabs. The whole process of tricking her into the box was relatively simple and that’s that for another year. Sorted.

Our vets is one that’s tucked away at the back of a Pets At Home store. It’s relatively near the house and ridiculously handy for all things pet related.

But I think we’re doing it all wrong.

Because we don’t treat the shop like it’s some sort of zoo but without an entrance fee.

You’d be surprised, or perhaps not, at the number of families who turn up seemingly just to let their children look at the animals and then take them away. I mean, I can spend ten minutes or so staring at the rabbits or longing for a chinchilla, but I don’t got there especially to see that. Or excitedly ask the staff if they have snakes.

Not to buy.

Just to look at, probably tap on the glass a bit, and then bugger off.

Meaning that a customer can then buy themselves a lovely snake with PTSD, like a character from a Disney Movie or something.