Phone-tically Speaking

My mum continues to amaze me with things that you just don’t expect from her… even before the stroke.

Take today, for instance. Necessity has, to a certain extent, brought my mum kicking and screaming into the digital age in as much as I convinced her, when she was released from hospital, that it would be easier all round if we set her up to do her grocery shopping online.

She still likes to mooch around town, and she’ll never, ever say no to an opportunity to spend a small fortune at Lidl, but she does love to get things from a supermarket every now and again. And, because she can’t scan the aisles like she used to, online shopping is the way forward.

And, of course, it’s an absolute doddle for my mum, because she does nothing. I do all the finger-work, placing her orders and just winging it on what it is she might actually want under her broad umbrella of, say, “meals.”

I received, today, the longest text I have ever had from my mother. It came out of the blue and consisted, solely, of her shopping list. With no punctuation and very few words typed in their entirety – my mum has her own unique text shorthand which centres mainly around phonetics. She doesn’t use LOLs and the like, and smiley faces are not even on her radar, but “slecshn” (for example, and very obviously “selection”) very much is.

I love it when Carole gets messages from my mum because every now and then she’ll not be able to fully decipher the contents and I will receive a screen shot of said message with a “what?”

But what amazed me today, aside from one bit of the text where she starts something she never finished, she’s managed to type out – in her own special way – the better part of twenty five items on a shopping list. I received it at about 4pm, so knowing the speed that my mum texts at I can only imagine that she started it not long after she got up this morning and continued with it throughout the day, maybe pausing for lunch.

But still, it’s another positive in a long journey of ups and downs.

Having said all that, though, she ruined it completely after I text her back with the details of when the delivery would be by replying on her other phone (she has two, she assures us she is not a drug dealer) and then texting me again on the phone I had text to apologise for texting on the wrong phone and to say thank you. Which she had already done on the other phone.

Ah mothers… who’d have ’em?