There used to be a joke that the roster of the Sugababes changed so often that everyone would, at some point, be offered a chance to be part of the pop trio’s line-up.

And now, it’s starting to look that way with Trump’s White House staff.

It does look, to an outsider, like Trump still thinks he’s running a series of The Apprentice. He’s putting each member of staff through a series of tricky challenges and then meeting with his advisors – in this case, his creepy Stepford-eque daughter and son-in-law – before deciding whether people should stay or go.

It’s crazy town.

And what’s more worrying is that all this is happening while I am about to start looking for a job – I know, it’s probably about time I did something. If I submit my CV to recruitment agencies am I going to be called in and asked to be the White House communications secretary because no-one else will do it. Or there’s no-one left to do it. Or, like jury duty, your name comes off a list and unless you have a pretty good excuse then you’re in it for the next week or so, or longer if it gets juicy.

I’d rather be a member of the Sugababes, if I’m honest.