Holibobs Time

We gave the house a summer clean today in preparation for our trip to Edinburgh tomorrow.

While Carole was upstairs ironing the bejesus out of everything, I was downstairs doing things. Important things.

Like taking pictures of Lego mini-figures and putting them on Instagram.

But totally in and amongst moving dust around, or hovering or whatever. You know, in case Carole reads this.

Or taking a picture of all the tickets for all the shows we’ve booked to see.

But definitely in and amongst sorting things out and emptying the hoover and putting the bins out and…

But that’s what makes cleaning more fun – the elaborate and desperate lengths you will go to in order to introduce some level of procrastination to proceedings. Like lying on the patio, outside, trying to get a decent picture of a tiny plastic model of the Flash without any shadows on it from the washing hanging on the line.

Much as any high level photographer would.

In between removing spiders from the corners of rooms that you removed spiders from yesterday…