Long Road Ahead

The A1 is a long and windy… no, scratch that, it’s just a long road and when you’re on it for the better part of three – four hours it’s important to find things to do.

Nobby, cheesy and beautiful things to do.

Last time we came to Fringe we used the flooding road at Holy Island to convince Carole’s parents that we had somehow stranded the car in rising flood waters. They did not see the funny side.

This year we were more sensible and have involved no-one but ourselves.

We were under the vast metallic wingspan of the Angel of the North by nine o’clock, doing all the usual photographing that tourist nerds do.

And then later we were on a cliff top overlooking crystal clear sea water and doing all the usual photographing that nerds do.

But the main thing to do when travelling along the A1 is pass judgement on the toilets at the services along the route. Because for a main thoroughfare the facilities leave a lot to be desired, sometimes just being a room tucked away in an unused corner, but always – always –  the wrong side of manky.

But now… sleep.