Fringe Fail

We saw, probably, the worst show we’ve ever seen at the Fringe. Ever. Including any future shows we might see in however many years we continue to come here.

I won’t name the show or the performer because I think it’s only fair that other people think it will be an uplifting tale of funny anecdotes and the like only to discover it’s basically an hour of self-indulgence on behalf of the performer from which the take home is if you don’t get your own entitled way then chuck a tantrum until you do.

The audience for the show was small. And silent. So very silent. Laughter was not forthcoming. In fact the audience was so quiet that at a section which concerned role play and audience participation (via the medium of a very reluctant man with a beard) Carole, quietly and under her breath went “Oh for fuck’s sake…”

The only thing about quiet under-breath speaking is that when the room is quieter than a library with a morgue built inside it words like “oh for fuck’s sake” can be heard further than possibly intended…

Carole also apologised twice during the show for picking it. Although we are both to blame because you should always, especially when you’re pre-booking, YouTube the heck out of people you haven’t seen before and then go from there. We’ve done it before, and generally not put a foot wrong.

Maybe we got a bit cocky that all our previous random choices have been good and we let our guard down…

… perhaps if we throw a huge tantrum everything will be okay.