No Shows

Every time we go to the Fringe, Carole says that we should try out new shows or people that we haven’t seen before.

And we have done.

For the most part we’ve got away with it and that has added to the roster of people we can call upon to see knowing that we will get a good show out if it. Fern Brady, for example, is an example of a chance taken a couple of years ago that had a superb show again this year and, hopefully, will for years to come.

Anne Edmonds, however, was excellent a few years ago and pretty crap this year (Carole hated it, I didn’t mind but it wasn’t fantastic).

And we must never speak of Gareth Morinan who was just weird.

So this year we took, in amongst the favourites and friends, a chance on a few shows. Some paid off. Ellie Taylor, for example, was new to us and based purely on bits and bobs of TV and she’s selling out every night because her show is that good.

Others, of whom we shall not speak, not so much.

It’s our fault, in a way. We have the power of the internet at our disposal. We should Google and YouTube the bejesus out of these people so that we know and can make an informed decision based on that.

We’ve done it in the past.

We did not do it in this case.

Which has led to Carole changing her show-booking guidelines for future years. There is, she now says, no reason we should see shows or people outside of our friends and/or favourites.

Because no-one wants to be sitting in a crowd of eight people when Carole audibly mutters “oh for fuck’s sake!” At the thought of some role-play.

We’d rather be in the turret of a building throwing plastic balls into a silly hat, laughing at someone’s unfortunate square hips or enjoying the over-running antics of a man who is paid £7200 on the BBC payment list.

We’ll forget all this by next June as we pour over the latest guidebook. I feel that present us should send future us a letter, like Doc to Marty at the end of BTTF 2 warning us of our fates lest we journey down this path again.

We have been warned.