Miracles Do Happen

I’m not sure what has happened to us as a couple, but we have changed over the past year or so.

And changed a lot.

Our Sky Planner availability is over fifty percent.

The only time it’s ever been that before is just after the box was actually installed, and it didn’t last that long even then. Normally we’re playing some sort of catch-up where we’re watching something in a desperate attempt to free up a bit of space to tape two or three other things.

We’re like people in a sinking boat, bailing out with an egg cup when we should be using a huge bucket, or maybe some sort of powered pumping equipment. Or just give in and get a boat without a massive hole in it in the first place.

But yes, today we took it past the half-way mark. Something which was met with little to no fanfare from the machine itself. Not even an electronic sigh of relief was breathed. I mean, it is the calm before the storm. We’re in a lull. Summer has nothing – or very few things – which capture our recording imaginations. Come September and October any smugness of the free space we have accumulated will disappear faster than a chocolate biscuit outside a Weight Watchers meeting.

But it’s nice watching things we’ve recorded, because it affords us a glimpse into the past. I mean, I have seen so many Christmas 2016 adverts over the past week or so that I feel like I should have watched more things over the festive period (but couldn’t because we didn’t have the planner space for it).

I think, so far, we’ve journeyed back to around this time last year but I know that there are five episodes of Agent Carter lurking at the top of the planner that have been in there for almost two years. Just five episodes. We were just over halfway through the series – I hope there’s a “previously on Marvel’s Agent Carter…” but at the beginning or we are royally screwed…