Get Me Out Of Here

I’m not saying that Carole and I are, currently, rather obsessed with escape rooms, but I did spend a couple of hours this morning investigating every escape room within a reasonable geographical distance.

We’d always liked the idea of doing an escape room, and then we did the Huddersfield one (and only one, for now, dammit) earlier this year and it was marvellous fun. And, of course, we escaped.

Which is always nice to do anyway, but when it’s your first go it’s especially pleasing. And we had something like 12 minutes left on the clock. Which, actually, might have led to us being slightly cocky when we did the second one while we were up in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago.

That one was a skin of your teeth one. We got out with a couple of minutes to spare and, let’s be honest, we went to pot in the second stage of the room – our searching skills went for a burton as we just faffed about and panicked that we were going to fail. We didn’t, escaping with the narrowest of margins (and the Holy Grail), and buoyed by that success booked the other room at the same place for the following day.

That one saw us dicking about for fifteen whole minutes before we managed to solve the first clue – mainly because I got hung up on a problem we wouldn’t have the information to solve until much later – but we still made it out in just over forty-five minutes. If you subtract the faffing time, we got out of there in half an hour or so. Brilliant.

We’re three for three on escape rooms.

But the ones I’ve been looking at are showing the stats on successful escapes.

The next one we’re actually booked for has a sixty six percent success rate. This might be the one that sees us break our streak of victories. I mean, it has to happen sometime. I know that. And I’m sure it will. It’s just that you never want it to happen. But if a third of the people don’t make it out of the room, that’s some statistical witchcraft I don’t want to lock horns with.

And then I found one this morning that has a 25% success rate.

I’m assuming that’s some sort of typo. Because the room that hasn’t even opened at the same site has a 50% escape rate and it doesn’t exist yet.

But still… the competitive nature of me, while it hates the odds, can’t always resist a challenge…

Failure, as a wise Mythbuster once said, is always an option.