Another year, another Maize Maze.

This year was the tallest the maize has been, so it did pose a decent challenge when it came to solving the thing – especially as, for the most part, we don’t use the map, preferring to strike out for victory on our own merits.

But by the second loop of the outer ring, and having encountered the same answers to the quiz a couple (and in some cases more) of times, we did resort to a little bit of looking at the map.

There were people in the maze who had been following the map religiously and you’d find them wailing about not knowing where they were. We weren’t using the map and would be able to work out – to within a very small margin of error – exactly where we were and then we’d put the map away and pretend to be winging it.

But, of course, what is a Maize Maze without some sort of nemesis. In previous years there has been, for example, the child who was running everywhere and – sadly – ran into my elbow (entirely an accident, but probably the best accidentally elbowing in the head of a shit anyone could ever pull off).

This year it was a father and five children clearly on an outing because either mother can’t take it any more (entirely feasible) or she was working.

Everywhere we went we came across this bunch of shites. We even, on occasion, went the opposite direction to avoid them, only to find that the path curved round to the same location where the dad would just look world-weary while the kids chased each other round with armfuls of corn that they’d pulled off the maize in the maze. For some reason. At one point the round son said, “Imagine this is a knife and I’m chasing after you to stab you…” so that’s the sort of level we were dealing with.

They finished the maze just ahead of us because we saw them getting towards the end and walked painfully slowly to allow them time to get out of the way. From the look of the kids I imagine they all came in reasonably quick succession – the youngest in a push chair – and I suspect that taking them all round the maize maze possibly made the father wish he had some sort of evening time hobby other than procreation.

Still, despite that, it was a good run through the maze. Just the one run as well, this year, which is unusual as it normally takes a couple of goes to find all the quiz answers. All the previous years of practice obviously pay off.

Yeah, let’s say that rather than that we ended up circling each wing of the butterfly a couple of times so really didn’t have much choice but to find the answers.

Maybe we should use the map next year…